Pengda and the Great Salt Lake

Gracie shared a bit from our recent spring break trip to Utah and Idaho. There were certainly some challenging moments sharing a car and hotel room with a penguin/panda-like creature, but I really enjoyed having Pengda on our trip. We don’t know where Pengda came from or what experiences it has enjoyed (or not) and so its always interesting to see responses to different environments.

One of my favorite parts of the whole trip was going to see Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty. It is quite a far drive out of Salt Lake City to the north. You’ll pass lots of cows and don’t miss the educational experience (and bathroom stop) at the Golden Spike National Historic site. Seriously, stop. There are no other facilities for the rest of the drive to the jetty and the rangers are very nice. They have some jetty brochures that are worth picking up.

But back to Pengda and the Great Salt Lake…while the family walked the jetty, our little friend (sans Roomba) dashed across the lake bed to get into the water faster than any of us have ever seen him move. I know as a (mostly) sea creature he must be used to salt water but I was a little worried since the lake is 27% salt compared to oceans at around 4%. No worries though. He got in the water and for awhile we were worried that he was gone for good. He went underwater for quite a while, but when he surfaced made the most joyful “meeeeeeeeppppp!” We waded out to watch him and marvel at this amazing place and that we have a Pengda and that he likes road trips (mostly) and that he can walk/waddle long distances when given the opportunity to swim.

Now we’re wondering about our plans to visit family this summer and how that might go…


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