Pengda’s Phobia

     The other day I was outside getting the mail that was dropped off by Dennis the mailman. Pendga was going around our whole entire neighborhood with him and he went to the right. When I was walking back to the front door I heard the loudest possible screech from Pengda. (You could tell because he went “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEPPPPPPPP”). I ran down our street and looked to see if there was a car crash or something like that, but just as I predicted it was Pengda. He had not fallen off of the Roomba this time. He stood in shock looking down at what seemed to be a sewage drain. When I walked over to investigate the scene I realized that there was a louder sound of water rushing. I stood next to Pengda and nudged him a little but he didn’t move an inch. I tried picking him up but he just whined. I let him sit there for a little while and I sat on the grass of someone’s front lawn. Dennis drove away and I decided that I had to do something, so I picked him up and carried the 50 pound animal over to my house and then walked back to get his Roomba. The next few days I walked with Dennis and Pengda on his extended route. When we were approaching the sewage drain. Pengda crossed the street and came back once we passed the drain and its horrific sounds. In conclusion I learned that Pengda HATES sewage drains and their roaring sounds. This is his phobia.              



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