Pengda covets Eduardo

Another title for this post? “I am manipulated by a tween and a penguin/panda creature.”

Late last year Gracie began a campaign for me to buy her a stuffed bear from Target. This child has garbage bags full of stuffed creatures that she willingly packed up and put into storage, by the way…. Even before I eventually caved, she had it named Eduardo. I don’t know why.

A few weeks ago we were back at Target and I was convinced to swing by the Eduardo aisle to see if he and his fellow bears were still available. Only two left!  I caved. He is cute and actually kind of looks like Pengda a bit. Tall, brownish, external ears and a white belly. Maybe that’s why Pengda became fascinated by Gracie’s new bear.

Though Pengda’s flipper arm thingies don’t seem to work well for carrying and grasping, we kept finding Eduardo in the Pengda/Lucy nest. Gracie was not pleased to notice Eduardo taking on a wet dog/sardine scent and would take him back. (We think Lucy, who carries her own beloved stuffed alligator around in her mouth, helped Pengda obtain Eduardo whenever Gracie wasn’t looking.)

So in hopes of keeping peace in our home, we put Pengda in the car and took off for Target. Pengda liked riding in the cart (where the little kids go) and his ears were waggling and toes tapping happily as we rolled him along. He received a lot of funny looks, but no one approached us. I’m grateful for that. We don’t really have answers for the inevitable questions.

“Nope, we don’t know what it is. Nor do we know where it came from or why we have it. It eats sardine smoothies, and tater tots with sriracha. It sleeps with our dog. It loves our bathtub and our mailman. It appears to be independently wealthy.”

I was worried that the last Eduardo wouldn’t be available but apparently Target buyers liked his looks too and the shelves were restocked. Ear waggling! Toe tapping! Gracie paid for Eduardo 2 with her own money and our little, weird, kinda slippery buddy was thrilled with his outing and his prize and Gracie is happy to have her own Eduardo to herself…for now.









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