The worst day of Pengda’s life

Today Pengda was not on his Roomba. He also had his ears down and looked extra sad. I went looking for the Roomba but I could not find it. After hours of searching for Pengda’s ride and listening his wails I went to look outside. While I was walking Pengda’s mailman route I found the Roomba by a mailbox. As I tried to pick it up, I noticed it was heavier than usual. I put it in the charging port by the kitchen to give it some time. While I was plugging it in I realized that the vacuum was slightly bent from Pengda riding on it. As soon as I walked away from it Pengda went to get back on it. An hour later I pushed the on button and it moved out of the charging area but then it turned off. Pengda was NOT HAPPY whatsoever in this situation and he wailed some more. At this time I was home alone and I didn’t really have to worry about the loud noises from him. I moved Pengda off of his ride and I looked at the bent shape.“Looks like you broke the Roomba, Pengda. You’re too fat,” I told him

He walked away and, in his strange way, rolled down two flights of stairs and laid on Lucy’s bed.

Two hours had passed so I picked him up to take him to the park to get his mind off of the broken Roomba. I put him in the wheel barrow and took him for a walk with Lucy. That was the happiest I’ve seen him since he broke the Roomba. When I got home I started to look at the Roomba some more. There was this black button on the side that released a tray PACKED with rocks, dirt, twigs, a penny and once bouncy ball. I quickly picked up the heavy tray with both hands and dumped the sand in the trash can. I slid the cartridge back into the slot and I carried it down to the dog’s bed where Pengda was laying and I turned it on. He ran over to the Roomba and got back on and he was very happy about his surprise.

Now we understand the consequences of Pengda’s outdoor travel and we have a regular schedule to empty out the Roomba so we don’t have to hear him wail so pitifully.



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