Strange Bedfellows

I mentioned, when I introduced you to Pengda, that Lucy (our dog) is the reason why I discovered this strange bird (?) in my suitcase some weeks ago. The way she barked and pawed at my suitcase made me worried for how they might co-exist in our home.

No need for worry though. After the initial discovery, Lucy and Pengda became fast friends. Pengda is not particularly snuggly or affectionate. Neither is Lucy. But they both like being around the family…in the mix. Waiting for the chance to go for a ride or get a treat. As Lucy has always parked herself next to me wherever I might light for a moment or two, Pengda and Lucy like to be in close proximity to one another. I wonder if they’re communicating on some level or frequency not available to humans? They don’t really interact with each other, but find one and the other isn’t far.

When Lucy goes out on her goose-hazing duties, Pendga seems a little anxious. If Pengda is on her daily Roomba-scoot around the cul-de-sac with Dennis (the mailman), Lucy is stationed with her paws on the front window looking out. Monitoring their progress.

I like that they have each other. I like that we have them both.




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