Dennis the mailman

 A few days after the packages started arriving Pengda developed a close relationship to the mailman. I realized that every day at 4 o’ clock the mailman would come and Pengda would just be standing on his Roomba on the front step.
One day I looked out the window and I heard Pengda go “MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP” at the mailman. For the very first time in one week I saw Pengda get off his Roomba. To me I was surprised by his actions and I just stood there looking out the window anticipating what would happen next. He hopped off of the front step and turned around to look at the Roomba that he could not get to. The mailman walked over and he put the packages next to our door. Then he picked up the Roomba and put it on the pathway that led down to our sidewalk. Pengda got back on his Roomba and rode with the mailman all the way down to the sidewalk. I opened the door and called for him but he simply looked over at me and “meeped.” I was somewhat mad at what he just did to me but I walked with them anyway.

“Howdy,” the mailman said

“Hi, what’s your name?” I asked

“Dennis. Who’s this fellow?” He asked.

“Oh, his name is Pengda. We don’t really understand where he came from but he seems to be making himself at home. ” I said.

By then I realized that we were already hallway around our cul-de-sac so we talked some more about Pengda . We made it back to our house and I said “Nice meeting you!” and Pengda followed me to the door. I helped him up our steps and then fed him.

Pengda now makes it a part of his daily routine to go walk with the mailman. Dennis told me that he is very happy that he knows an animal that doesn’t bark at him.




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