Pengda must be independently wealthy

or so it seems by the amount of Amazon packages he (?) receives each week. At first I was scouring my bank accounts to see if someone (or something) had hacked in to fund the seemingly endless collection of things that arrive addressed to our new friend.

I’ll explain more about all of his treasures another time. There’s one that really cracks us up. It’s a Roomba, this one, specifically. We have a lovely Dyson which we use to vacuum up Lucy’s black hairs. At first I thought maybe Pengda (or whoever sent him) was implying that we weren’t keeping things clean enough (and maybe that’s true).

Grace and Maddie really love coming home from school to see what the latest packages contain. They help with the unpacking and sometimes assembly. Grace was quick to take on the Roomba and figured out how to get it charging up. The morning after it arrived we understood its true purpose. The Roomba is Pengda’s ride!

I’ve said from the beginning, this story is weird. I know I’m skipping over a lot but honestly, between managing all of the new stuff Pengda is having delivered and my own personal commitment to recycle all of the blasted Amazon boxes there’s not much time to sit and think (or write) about all of this. Gracie is helping. You’ll see her posts here from time to time.

The good news? We don’t have to vacuum now. Pengda seems to like contributing to the household.


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