Feeding this thing is a pain in the butt

When I learned that  a strange animal, was staying at our house I had mixed feelings about this new chapter of our lives. There was a little bit of confusion but I was mostly happy about this situation.

As he wiggled his way out of the suitcase he was mostly stiff. I reached to grab one of the now thawed out  tater tot bags figuring out that he had to be hungry. I threw the tater tots out on a pan with the oven preheated at 350 degrees as usual. I threw the food in the oven.

While the food was cooking, I inspected the mysterious creature and I soon started calling him “Pengda”. I glanced at his flipper and it looked like he was carrying something. I lifted his arm, he just waited there patiently. Something soon rolled out and hit my knee. It was a bottle of sriracha. I suspected that it went with the tots.

The oven timer went off and I pulled out the tater tots and got the sriracha. I grabbed a plate and put 10 or so tater tots in it and drizzled the sriracha on like you would do with chocolate syrup on ice cream. I put the plate next to him and he shook his entire body like he was saying no. I inched it towards him but he tapped his foot and shook his body no. I learned that one tap is no and I’m guessing that two taps means yes.

I repeated the process and this time instead of drizzling the sriracha on the tater tots I made a splotch of it on the side of the plate only touching one of the tater tots. I gave it to him and he only ate the one that had little sriracha on it.

Third time around I was somewhat mad and I stood up each of the little  tots and added one dot of sriracha to each one. I gave it to him and he ate them all  gulping them down one at a time. I soon learned that I would have to repeat this process two times a day.


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